The best bakers know that there’s more to baking than a recipe – it takes time, passion and the purest ingredients. That’s why our bakery is dedicated to an artisan baking philosophy. Because when you pull apart a fresh loaf of bread our commitment to handmade is worth every perfect crumb that tumbles onto the plate.

We believe that handmade is always better

Our bread starts with a talented team of real bakers committed to an Old-World European baking philosophy. We knead and shape the dough by hand and use the purest ingredients, including Certified Organic flour, filtered water and sea salt. It’s a simple list of ingredients because that’s all it takes to make wholesome and delicious artisan bread.

We love a little healthy indulgence

A sweet tooth is nature’s way of telling us to take a moment to relax and indulge, and at Earth Fare you can do it in a healthy way. We use non-GMO ingredients and cage-free eggs for all of our in-house baked goods. And we never use artificial colors, sweeteners, preservatives or hydrogenated oils, not ever. It’s one less label for you to worry about and one more excuse to embrace your sweet tooth.