We are passionate about healthy meat raised by farmers dedicated to sustainable agricultural practices that support the health of the animal and our environment. Because every purchase of sustainably farmed meat is a vote in support of family farms, humanely treated animals and good health.

Why Our Meat is Better

  • Never administered antibiotics or growth hormones
  • Fresh, never frozen
  • Vegetarian-fed
  • Raised on GMO-free open pastures
  • Certified Humanely handled

We care about what’s in your meat

According to FDA data, 80% of antibiotics and related drugs in the U.S. are administered to meat and poultry – but not at Earth Fare. Growth hormones rush an otherwise natural process in favor of profitability and antibiotics are given subtherapeutically to overcome the complications of mass agricultural practices. Our animals don’t need this and neither do you.

We care about healthy animals

Grass-fed and pasture-raised isn’t just picturesque; it’s healthier for the animal and for us. Meat from cattle raised on grass contains higher levels of heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids, beta-carotene and B-vitamins. And green open pastures keep the animals and the environment happy.