Classic Swiss Cheese starts high in the Alps, with cows that roam free on summer’s wildflowers and a meticulous process that transforms the sweet milk into the nutty cheese of generations past. This reverence for tradition and small batch is where we find inspiration to bring you the finest and freshest artisan products for your plate.

We believe in artisan craft

There are delicate flavors and textures to be found in your food, best illuminated by artisans dedicated to a slow process and small batch. Fine crystals in cheese, fragrant aromas in coffee, and the crunchy bitterness of dark chocolate. We search out these hidden flavors from around the world so you can turn your own plate into a 5-star culinary exploration. And what would a meal be without wine or beer? Our wine selection is global, with imported and American wines, and dynamic, world-class varieties. You can also find a wide assortment of the best local and national craft beers, as well as imported favorites and gluten-free beer.

We are passionate about quality

The best cheese or coffee starts with the best ingredients – the highest quality milk and the purest coffee bean. And our talented team handpicks every product to ensure it meets our Quality Standards, including being free of antibiotics or growth hormones, with no preservatives or artificial colors.